English translation from the first Colorado book (2011)
”Colorado galopphästen från vildmarken”


ISBN 978-91-983999-7-4

ISBN 978-91-983999-5-0

Two WINNIE AWARDS International Fiction, at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest in Sacramento,

1-4 Dec 2022.

One for the printed book, one for the e-book .

Review from P. English Literature/Peter Okonkwo:


5 stars out of 5

Unstoppable, Undefeatable; Colorado the chosen Horse

”Gripping, hilarious, and suspenseful, it had me intrigued especially during the description of the racing scenes.”

”The quest for Colorado's identity is an interesting one and I would love to restrict from revealing further in an attempt to keep this review spoiler free. However, this novel piqued my interest, it is hilarious, full of suspense, and beautifully written and I solely admire the characterization, there are characters that you will fall in love with and there are some that you would hate. The plot twist and storytelling techniques were beyond amazing. This was a great read and I can't wait to read the coming series.”

Review on amazon from

Reader Alfred Scott:

5 star out of 5.

A great way to start my adventure with Horse Novels

This book is so amazing to me. I couldn't drop it, from the start of the first chapters to the very end. It is so captivating. I am mostly impressed with the writing style, got me wandering if truly this was translated from a different language aside English. The storyline get me bewitched by the characters, I love the protagonist, Tuva, and her love for horses. Ida, is a great character as well, and those guys in America, they are so lovely. It was great that despite the hate expressed towards Colorado, he still came out strong and victorious. I can't wait to read more of this series. The book reminded me of Susan Richard's Chosen by a Horse. I anticipate more from this series, would keep myself alert.

COLORADO, the racehorse from the wilderness


The English translation of ”COLORADO, galopphästen från vildmarken”.


Received two WINNIE AWARDS at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest in Sacramento, 1-4 Dec 2022. One for the printed book, one for the e-book.

av Helena Mansén

About the book:
A book about an unusual coloured racehorse and a young female jockey.

A fiction with exciting intrigues, thrilling drama, love and friendship.

For young readers and for everyone between 6-100 years who loves horses!

Tuva is an 18 years old apprentice jockey - and one day a new horse arrives to the stable where she is working. A horse that does not look like an ordinary racehorse. It's a brown and white speckled skewbald - paint coloured!

Colorado soon shows that he is a horse out of the ordinary. And the fastest horse the sullen trainer Bernie ever had in his stable. Colorado is entered to the Swedish Derby, the most important race in Sweden. But there are those who don´t think a skewbald belongs on a racecourse and lots of problems occurs. One of these forces Tuva to go to USA, to the small mountain town Manitou Springs – to find out about his origins…

In the story there are also Ida, 13, who wants to learn to ride like a jockey, the very old Arapahoe Native American Yuma and his grandchild's grandchild Paco,15, Kevin, a young Irish jump jockey, and many more.

A thoroughbred racehorse is normally brown, chestnut, darkbrown, black or grey.

Paint coloureds - speckled skewbalds - like Colorado in the nouvel, are very rare.

But they exist - and become very popular in countries where they are racing.

The story of Colorado, the racehorse from the wilderness - is a fiction, but written in a very “real” manor. The author Helena Mansén has herself more than forty years of experience in the world of horseracing - as a groom, amateur jockey, trainer, owner, racing official, and also as a horseracing journalist both in Sweden, USA and France and has been travelling around the world to many horseracing countries. Her knowledge in every part of horse racing contributes to make the story come alive!

Some Reviews
(the Swedish edition):

“The author´s own long experience of the horse world is mirro­red in this strong and nice story about both animals and people.”......“Throughout the book the reader is all the time pushed on by eager expectation.”
2012-01-19 BTJ – Bok- och bibliotekstjänst (Book and Library Service), Anna-Karin Lundh, the BTJ-folder (12105663).

”Helena Mansén has a sound experience and knowledge of the horse world. That she herself has been riding gallop not only on Taeby but also in France and in USA surely explains why the experience of Tuva´s moments on racing course and in training is felt in the hands, legs and seat of the reader. Even if Mansén, like most debutants, feeds the story with more intrigues than necessary, her love of horses is enough to make one wish for more books about horses signed by Mansén.
Kristin Hallberg, Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily News, one of two largest morning newspaper in Sweden) 2012-01-24

“A story including lots of “love” of the endearing kind.”
Nina Lekander, Expressen, March 2012.

“A book to dream of, a classic style book.”
Boktipset (The Book Tip), The Sundbyberg Library






No pages: 286.

Age: 7 and up!